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Lebody Face For Nasolabial Folds (aka Smile Lines)

Lebody Face is a microcurrent facial toning tool that helps in the absorption of active ingredients and enhancement of natural collagen and elastin production through cell activation. Microcurrent triggers the body’s natural skin enhancement chemicals, providing circulatory benefits within the facial muscles.

Microcurrent is a safe and clinically-tested muscle stimulator that sends tiny little electrical currents through your muscles which mimics the body's natural current. These soft, gentle waves penetrate through your facial epidermis and encourages the production of collagen and elastin from within.

Lebody Face is a mini hand-held microcurrent facial therapy device that is great for anti-aging, facial lifting and toning. It has two modes - I (blue)  and L (red) mode. 

I (Ion) mode helps any kinds of liquid formula penetrate and absorb deep into your skin and is great for wrinkle reduction and skin brightening. Use Lebody Bu:w Renewal Up Cream on I mode to resurface and smoothen out wrinkles and whiten your skin. 

L (Lifting) mode helps stimulate fibroblast in your dermis and induce regenerating collagen, improving skin elasticityUse Lebody Face Renewal Face Water Gel on L mode to restore moisture balance to tired skin, soothe skin quickly and enhance the lifting effects of Lebody Face.


Lebody Face can also complement and enhance your existing skincare routine, to help your skin absorb and penetrate the goodness of your skincare products into your skin.

Microcurrent facial therapy is one of the chosen facial treatments among Hollywood celebrities. Now available in Singapore for you to use at home, when you travel, or even as gifts!

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